About NWS

The Newport Wilderness Society (NWS) is one of over 70 state parks friends groups in Wisconsin.  NWS was incorporated  August 26 1985 as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit, educational organization serving Newport State Park as its official friends’ group. NWS members volunteer in many ways upon requests from Newport State Park management. We provide qualified guides for interpretive nature hikes about natural history of trees, ferns, wildflowers, birds, butterflies and about human history of this area. We pull garlic mustard and phragmites. We manage blue bird trails and monitor monarch butterfly migration. We write and publish informational pamphlets and brochures, offer presentations on the meaning of wilderness, light candles and serve refreshments for the February candlelight ski, put on Newport Wilderness Day in September, manage this web site and more. We have fun! Over the past 5 years, members raised funds to pay for construction and outfitting of the Hotz Wilderness Room, a part of the new Public Entrance Visitor Station [PEVS]. Members express their appreciation for keeping Newport State Park a wilderness area developed minimally, only as is essential for visitor education and safety. New members are always welcome!

The Mission of the Newport Wilderness Society is:

To work with the management of Newport State Park, Door County, Wisconsin, to help preserve the natural beauty of the Park’s forest, meadow and shore areas for appropriate public use.

 The Goals of the Newport Wilderness Society are:

  1. Help preserve Newport State Park as a minimal development natural Park;
  2. Encourage the individual study and the preservation of Wilderness and Nature in Newport State Park and elsewhere in the County and State;
  3.  Seek qualified volunteers to help the Newport State Park management with projects to maintain the Park and facilitate its proper use;
  4. Develop other projects and programs appropriate for the Park as may be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors working with the Park management.

Newport Wilderness Society Board and Committees