NWS Organization

2016-2017 Executive Committee

All operating committees are charged with working with Park personnel to achieve committee goals.

NWS Annual Report – 2017

The Current NWS Board of Directors

  • Amy Dwyer [2018]
  • Dick Heil [2018]
  • Tom Turriff [2018]
  • Mary Hansen [2019]
  • Dick Smythe [2019]
  • Greg Wilde [2019]
  • Neil Smith [2020]
  • Gene Kenny [2020]
  • Jeanne Rabel [2020]
  • Dave Vermillion [2020]
  • Michelle Hefty, Park Manager, Ex Officio

Membership and Fund Raising Committee – Promote ways to retain current NWS members, recruit new members and track membership information. Develop short-term and long-term fund raising strategies and other special activities as approved by the Board.

  • (Vacant), Chair
  • Dick Smythe
  • President (Ex Officio)
  • Park Manager (Ex Officio)

Nature Interpretive and Stewardship Committee -Develop DNR approved displays in the Hotz Nature Center, develop plans for enhancing program interpretive hikes and activities by training NWS volunteers, determine funding and materials that are needed for nature interpretive activities (i.e., LTE naturalist help and purchasing of equipment, supplies), see to the completion of the Park nature booklets, inventory the rare and invasive (e.g. garlic mustard) species and their location as found in Newport Park, develop plans to protect the rare species and remove as many of the invasive species as feasible and make contacts with the Door County Invasive Species Team (DCIST) for additional help.

  • Greg Wilde, Chair
  • Marilyn Hansotia
  • Rolliana Scheckler
  • President (Ex Officio)
  • Park Manager (Ex Officio)

Volunteer Services Committee – Develop a calendar for work days and other activities which NWS is assisting or hosting (i.e., clearing trails, pulling garlic mustard, preparing for candle light ski, annual meeting, etc.), develop a call list of NWS members that can be used to recruit help for NWS sponsored work days and related activities in the park, make contacts with the Door County Invasive Species Team (DCIST) for additional help and work with the Publicity Committee to develop press releases that publicize these events.

  • Amy Dwyer, Chair
  • Dick Heil
  • President (Ex Officio)
  • Park Manager (Ex Officio)

Publications and Publicity Committee – Develop information about NWS for dissemination to local and regional media outlets. Publish and distribute the NWS newsletter “The Trillium” to members and others in print and electronic versions on a quarterly basis.  Create, print and distribute NWS brochures and other publications as directed by the Board.

  • Dave Vermillion, Chair
  • Nancy Rafal
  • Rolliana Scheckler
  • Karen Studebaker
  • Gene Kenny
  • President (Ex Officio)
  • Park Manager (Ex Officio)

Budget and Finance Committee – Develop an annual NWS budget.  Oversee the finances of NWS including the investment of funds and the annual outside audit.

  • Neil Smith, Chair
  • Tom Turriff
  • Jeanne Rabel
  • President (Ex Officio)
  • Park Manager (Ex Officio)

Merchandising Committee – Identify and purchase for resale in the Park office merchandise that is consistent with the NWS mission and which enhances the experience of Park visitors.  Account for product purchases, inventory and sales.

  • Gene Kenny, Chair
  • Beth Bartoli
  • President (Ex Officio)
  • Park Manager (Ex Officio)

Nominating Committee – Evaluate the need for new Board members and officers. Develop a list of potential Board members and officers. Submit the list to the Board for final decisions.

  • Dick Smythe, Chair
  • President (Ex Officio)
  • Park Manager (Ex Officio)

Other Support Personnel

If you would like to serve on an NWS committee or the Board, please inform the Vice President via the email link at the top of this page.